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Forest Eco-Plan Centre

Action Plan for Forest Ecosystem Plan

The major objectives of the scheme is to utilize potential of all available morden day means of communication, storage, analytical and decision making tools to harmonize data coming from different sources so that the user bias is naturalized and data represented is unambigous and understandable by all, creation of non-spatial local specific database, to integrate spatial database, non-spatial database and secondary database to identify key resultant areas, to create S & T input database related to key result areas through S & T sourcing, to formulate Forest Ecosystem plan as to integrate S & T inputs in the development process of the population of forest region and to establish live interface with the population to not only safeguard the traditional knowledge but also to ensure wider application of the knowledge both traditional and scientific.

Schemes are invited from the eligible Govt. Institutes / NGOs working within the State / outside of the State who are interested to work for the people of the forest areas of Chhattisgarh, keeping in view the socio economic development of the State of Chhattisgarh. Such institution can submit their proposals in the prescribed format.