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Technology Village Programme

Technology Village Programme :-

The concept of sustainable development envisages primary emphasis on manipulation and management of physical/natural systems not only to maximize yields but to stabilize the system and to minimize use of non-renewable input demands, thus representing an integrated approach of appropriate modern technology with traditional techniques. Modern day technologies have opened new vistas of development; integration of these technologies with traditional techniques can pave way for sustainable development of rural population and provide employment to rural un-employed youth, marginal farmers and laborers to discourage migration from villages.

Any development strategy of village development should constitute following factors:

  • Sustainable agriculture with low cost inputs and improvement in productivity of land.
  • Improvement of health and hygienic conditions in villages.
  • Improved housing.
  • Arrangement and induction of technology for additional income generation.
  • Environmental protection and Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy.
  • Water conservation/Water quality.
  • Improvement in status of women.

Thus on a broad scale and with a view of achieving overall development of selected villages thrust areas identified are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • Housing
  • Environment protection
  • Health and hygiene
  • Self-employment and additional income generation

Objectives :-

The basic objective of Technology Village vision is to improve the quality of living of rural population; alleviate poverty and unemployment through awareness, training and demonstration of proven technologies. To attain sustainable development a well thought strategy for rural development has been evolved. Village development vis-a-vis improvement of the conditions of rural life as well as productivity of the poor land will be the core of the development strategy and includes improvement in every sector that concerns village population like agriculture, housing, health, environment, unemployment & poverty.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Identification of locale specific problem and selection of technologies on the basis of the problem areas identified.
  • Technology transfer or development.
  • Large-scale field demonstration of proven technologies and establishment of demonstration and problem solving centre at the village level.
  • Large-scale demonstration of low cost farming techniques viz. organic forming with the help of various biofertilizers and biopesticides.
  • To undertake training and awareness building activities for adoption of technologies.
  • To establish self-sustaining demonstration units of various technologies for its adoption as tool for self-employment and income generation.
  • To develop the package of agricultural practices with the complete biotechnology input for different crops.
  • To encourage and help villagers for setting technology based rural industries.

Established Technology Village Centres and Running Programmes:

  • Technology Village Centre Rampur, Distt. Kabirdham
  • Technology Village Centre Sirri, Distt. Dhamtari
  • Technology Village Centre Bhadha, Distt. Bilaspur
  • Technology Village Centre Pachawal (Sanawal), Distt. Balrampur (Building Construction Work Approx. complete)

Available Infrastructures for Training Programs:

S.No. Centres Available Infrastructure
1. Technology Village Centre Sirri
  • Electrician Domestic
  • Plumber
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Vermiculturing and Vermicomposting
  • Tailor (Basic Sewing Operator)
  • Computer Fundamental and Accounts Assistant Using Tally
2. Technology Village Centre
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Vermiculturing and Vermicomposting
  • Tailor (Basic Sewing Operator)
  • Computer Fundamental and Accounts Assistant Using Tally
3. Technology Village Centre Bhadha
  • Electrician Domestic
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Vermiculturing and Vermicomposting
  • Computer Fundamental and Accounts Assistant Using Tally

Mobile Science Exhibition Van

The Mobile Science Exhibition Van run under Popularization of Science Scheme has exhibited free of cost in government and non-government schools by the Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology Raipur. With a view to develop wide publicity and interest among the students and common citizens towards the Science of the state, from the 2012 the Mobile Science Exhibition Van is being continuous exhibited to till date. Approximate 1,07,520 students and general public of the state's have visited the Mobile Science Exhibition Van. In the Mobile Science Exhibition Van 24 exhibits have been set up related to Energy. Under the theme of Van the main focal points are the types of energy, production of energy and energy production in India has been exhibited. With this platform of the Council students has been the benefited of learning by doing it themselves.




  • State Meet on "Promoting Space Technology based Tools and Applications in Governance & Development"
  • Year of Scientific Awareness-2004
  • Venus Transit-2004
  • Regional Orientation Workshop on Microorganisms: Let us observe and learn