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  •  Recent award of CGCOST
Mapping of Phisical Features and Geospatil Survey: NTPC TALAIPALLI
Natural Resource evaluation is an important part of remote sensing as image analysis and pattern recognition are important tools available can used to automate the interpretation environment. Land cover classification relates to identifying the type of feature presents on the surface of the earth. Natural Resource evaluation deals with the identification of land cover features on the ground, vegetation, geology, infrastructure, water, bare soil or others. Land cover is important for planning and management activities and it considered an essential element for modelling and understanding the earth as a system. Therefore the study of the land cover plays an important role at the regional as well as the global level for monitoring the dynamic associated with the earth.

As per the requirements innumerate by NTPC, Satellite data, Physiographic maps and resource maps of the project area has been generated.
  • Location Map
  • Satellite data Talaipalli – LISS IV
  • Satellite data Talaipalli – PAN
  • Satellite data Talaipalli LISS + PAN Merge
  • Road Network Map
  • Drainage Network Map
  • Geomorphology Map
  • Landuse/Landcover Map (LU/LC)
  • Slope Map
  • Soil Depth Map
  • Soil Texture Map

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