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  •  Recent award of CGCOST
  •  Recent award of CGCOST
  • Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology supports R&D activities in Universities / Colleges/S & T Institutions in the form of Mini Research Projects.
  • The broad disciplines under which the Mini Research Projects are sanctioned are as follows:
    • Chemical Sciences
      i)  Inorganic Chemistry. ii)  Organic Chemistry. iii) Physical Chemistry.
    • Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
      i)  Atmospheric Science ii)  Earth Science
    • Engineering Sciences
      i) Chemical Engineering ii) Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering iii) Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering iv) Robotics and Manufacturing
    • Life Sciences
      i)  Animal Sciences ii) Biophysics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology iii) Health Sciences iv) Plant Sciences
    • Mathematical Science
      i)  Mathematics & Statistics
    • Physical Sciences
      i) Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science ii) Laser, Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics iii) Plasma, High Energy, Nuclear Physics, Astronomy & Nonlinear dynamics
    • Social Sciences
      i) Sociology ii) Economics
  • mini Research Projects are sanctioned for duration of one to three years depending on the requirement of the research work, to a maximum of Rs. 2 lacks. Till date 22 mini research projects have been sanctioned. (DL) Proforma for submission of Research Project proposal.
  • Proforma for Mini Research Project

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